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  Your wedding day, the day you've been dreaming about all
your life. A once-in-a-lifetime celebration with all your family
and friends. It may take you up to year or more to plan
everything just how you vision your one big day to be.

Now your looking to hire a DJ. Think about this, the DJ you
hire will be the person on the microphone for the first time in
front of all your family and friends. How do you know he or she
won't embarrass you & your guests? Not all Disc Jockey's are
professional. Not all Disc Jockey's are the same.

This is one of the biggest days of your life, do you really want
to trust something as important as the entertainment to just
any DJ that had the lowest price?

If you are looking for your average, run-of-the-mill, cheesy
DJ, you won't find one here. I'm sure you wouldn't  want your
reception to be just average, and the same as everyone else's.

So if you want to hire a true experienced expert, that won't put
the spotlight on himself.  Where the reception flows smoothly,
and uniqueness and fun doesn't mean playing the chicken dance.
Where you have a true professional that knows exactly what you
want, and customizes your wedding right to your style. A real Master
of Ceremonies who knows his role and won't embarrass  you or
your guests.

Let me show you how I can help you personally create a different
experience where you & your guests will truly have fun, and will rave
about how your wedding was the best they have ever attended.
    The Love Story...    
Dear Mark,
We loved the "Love            
Story"! We received          
so many compliments       
on how fun & romantic      
it was. We thought you      
did a great job. It really      
added a lot to our                
wedding by letting
everyone know how          
we met & fell in love.
Thank you so much!   

Kelli & Jeff Karau  2006
    Certified in the MarBecca
Love Story concept
    The Tre Ver    
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What you need to know

This website is a great resource for Brides & Grooms that are
serious about making sure their wedding is very successful. I
would encourage you to take a moment and look through this site.

Once you have read through this website you will have a better
understanding of what I can do for you, and you will know all of
the right questions to ask when searching for a Disc Jockey.

 Your Reception is the Entertainment Part of Your Wedding!

Your Dream House!

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