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    Questions you should ask first    

 #1. How many years of experience does he have?                     
What is his entertainment background?
                 Has he had professional training?
                 Is his skills limited  to just one type of DJ work?

  It takes several years of experience and training to be a  Professional Disc Jockey!
  Most mobile DJ Companies don't provide professional training.
  Most DJ s don't have the time to learn.
  Why? .............. That leads to question #2.

  #2. Is this his full time career or his part time hobby?
                      Does he work on the details of your wedding
                during the week or at his regular job?
                Can he meet you at your convenience?
                Does he have time to return your phone calls promptly?

    80%of  mobile DJ s are part time, and have full time jobs to fall back on.
    DJ s that have regular jobs during the week can't meet with you at your convenience, or            
     return calls promptly.
    A good way to spot a part time DJ is to look at his prices. A full time DJ (who isn't
    overbooking) cannot afford to make a livable wage on just a few hundred dollars a week.  
    If a DJ tells you this is his full time job, but his prices don't match, he is most likely                 
     overbooking & subcontracting. In which case you'll end up getting a part timer anyway.
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#3 Will he meet you in person?
               Will he help you plan your reception the way you want it?
             Will he incorporate your ideas with the personality and style
             you desire?

  Most DJ companies will send out paper work for you to fill out and send back with your
  deposit, without seeing or meeting your DJ. Some may even send out an edited Video of
   a DJ in action. This is common with companies who use the bait and switch routine.  
  Would you sign something as important as a wedding without a face to face meeting  
  with the DJ that would be running your reception?

#4. Does he use high standards?
          Does his standards meet or exceed your expectations?
          Can he provide references that will confirm his adherence to             
            these standards?

   Too many times I here stories about DJ s doing inappropriate things at wedding receptions,
    things like drinking & smoking, use foul language, hitting on guests, complain, bad
    attitude, make excuses, make themselves the center of attention, play inappropriate music.
    Once again common with part time DJ s.

      Other  Questions
            Does he carry insurance?
        Does he coordinate your entire reception?
        Are There any hidden charges?
        Will his attire be appropriate for your reception?
        Does he bring back up equipment?

     # 1. I have many years of experience!

My experience goes back 19 years in the late 80's with training in programing & music formating,
Vocal, speech & MC training, while performing at local nightclubs. Its now been over 16 years in
the wedding business. I'm very experienced in reading a crowd to keep a dance floor moving. I'm
always working to improve my skills to stay fresh, and current. The last thing I want is to
deliver a tired, worn out performance.

   #2. This is my full time career!

During the week I'm  working on your reception details. I will always meet you at your
convenience, day or night.
I will always return your phone calls promptly. You can always count on me to do a
GREAT job because this is my career, not my hobby.  I do not over book or sub contract.

           #3. Always meet you in person!

I will be happy to meet with in person for an initial consultation before a commitment is
made. You should feel comfortable with your DJ. I will help you plan your reception so that
every detail will be just how you vision it to be.
This will put your mind at ease so you can relax and enjoy your reception with no worries.

              #4. I always use the highest standards!

I believe my standards will meet or exceed your expectations. I can provide many references that
will adhere to these standards. This will give you peace of mind so that you won't have to worry
about being embarrassed by inappropriate behavior.

      #5 Always coordinate your reception!

I will make sure that all the events will go as planned at the right time, and that all other vendors
involved will be on the same page, so your reception will run smoothly, and nothing will be

             #6 There are no  hidden charges ever!

I do not slap on extra costs for  basic equipment such as wireless microphones, or
additional speakers. There are no charges meetings, set up and break down, or lights.
Any additional charges will be up front, such as traveling out of town or state, and events over
500 guests that would require significantly more sound and lighting equipment.      

 #7 I always dress appropriate for your reception!

I always wear a tuxedo unless you have a special theme for your reception, and you would like
for me to dress accordingly.

             #8 Yes I carry liability insurance!

Many locations now require DJ's to carry liability insurance.

                  #9 I aways bring back up equipment!

Even though I have never had equipment failure.
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