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Letters from Brides that tried to save money
                    on a  Disc Jockey
"Do not use ******** DJ service, They messed so many things up. I filled out a
song list, and the DJ didn't have it. He also didn't have the song the wedding party
was supposed to be introduced to or any of the names of the wedding party!
He only announced my husbands name, the only name he had on this sheet of
paper.  I went up to talk to him, and he said call my boss if your unhappy. At my
wedding!! And he continued to argue with me. After the wedding when  I tried to
contact ******** DJ service, no return call. Imagine that!"

From Kelly r n 21 /  Source: The Knot Forums Phoenix.
" Do not use ******** **** DJ!!! They were paid in full and my
wedding coordinator spoke with them twice last week to confirm the
details. Wedding was last night and they did not show up, did not call,
and neither the DJ or the owner of the company answered their phones.

From Laura mcc Source: The Knot Forums Phoenix
" ******* Entertainment  did not play one of our songs or follow through on some
dances that were important to me. They barely announced the cake cut, so not
many people knew right away what was going on. I would not use them again!
Not enough energy. We really didn't even need a DJ."

From Rab41830 / Source: The Knot Forums Phoenix
" We had met with ******** twice prior and discussed specifics including the
order of reception, songs to play & not to play. We even gave him a CD of must
play songs. It seemed he was very accommodating and agreed that we were all on
the same page. However on the day of, it was very clear to both of us that he had
his own agenda.  He almost acted as if it were his show.  We specifically asked
him NOT to play cheesy line dance / group dance songs, but played
them anyway. He demanded that everyone get on the dance floor, and even
hunted down my sister that was in the bathroom! Had us all get in a circle holding
hands to do the chicken dance. One of the songs we specifically told him
NOT to play!!! Then he made us move to the center of the dance floor for the
exchanging of our cake, and was egging us on to smush it on each other's faces.
We clearly did not want to do that. The over all selection of music didn't fit the
crowd. He never played any slower dancing songs, until we told him. We ended
up leaving early (8:30) because so many guests had left because the music he was
playing wasn't danceable for most of the crowd that was over 40. Plus it didn't
help that they didn't tell you until the end that they require 20% gratuity with the
remainder of the balance."

From 8711 / Source: The Knot Forums Phoenix
" We had a friend-of-a-friend DJ our wedding for $250. He was late and had
equipment problems. In hindsight, we should have done the same thing we did
with our photographer & caterer... Hired a professional."

Source: Letter from Mobile Beat Magazine June/July 2006
" My cousin was supposed to DJ at my wedding. I think he would have done a
good job if he hadn't flaked out on us at the last minute. He decided to go to the
Warp Tour concert instead."

Source: Letter from Mobile Beat Magazine June/July 2006
" We decided to save money and hook up an iPod through a speaker system.
A lot of people complained about not being able to make requests,
and the iPod kept resetting itself. My husband had to keep going over to fix it.
It was embarrassing. We also forgot about a microphone for the

Source: Letter from Mobile Beat Magazine June/July 2006
" A friend turned us on to this guy who was half the price of most DJs.
We thought this was great! The only problem was he would never return
our calls. About two weeks before our wedding, his cell phone was no
longer working. We had to hire another company, and lost $100 on the
first guy whom we still never heard from."

Source: Letter from Mobile Beat Magazine June/July 2006
" Oh my God !! Our DJ was the worst. He was a friend of my maid of honor. She
said he was good so I hired him. Though the music was decent, everybody hated
him. He was obnoxious and rude on the microphone. I guess he thought his jokes
were funny, but this was my wedding! My husband asked him to stop talking. We
should have hired the DJ my sister had at her wedding. He was very professional."

Source: Letter from Mobile Beat Magazine June/July 2006
" A friend told us about this guy who DJ'd on the side. He was a fraction of the
cost of other companies. We found out why, when he started hitting on the single
girls during th bouquet toss. He did many inappropriate things that were completely
embarrassing. We learned our lesson. Unfortunately, we can't go back and do it
again the right way!"

Source: Letter from Mobile Beat Magazine June/July 2006
" Friends don't let friends DJ their weddings! Ours was drunk the whole time. At
the time, we figured, we couldn't tell him to stay away from the bar- after all, we're
not paying him! We still haven't spoken since the wedding.
There's definitely some tension there!"

Source: Letter from Mobile Beat Magazine June/July 2006
      Don't let this happen to you at your wedding.

Don't you think it's worth a few extra hundred dollars to hire a real
    professional for one of the biggest days of your life?
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